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ADM SYSTEMS is a developer of software and hardware products for service providers. Our product line includes the ADM S1 traffic analysis system and its auxiliary module for the delivery of additional services ADM Filter. Besides the DPI system, there is also the ADM Load Balancer (an intelligent traffic balancer) and an event logging system ADM AntiNAT. 

ADM S1 is based on the deep packet inspection technology that allows to provide the best service policy, relying on advanced (compared to the traditional data switches) traffic knowledge and providing subscribers with the best networking experience. Along with the quality control of the Internet access, ADM S1 traffic analysis system provides statistical network information, performs traffic filtering, allows the rendering of additional services and adjusts the network in accordance with the Federal law. Here you can find more information on the system functionality.

ADM Load Balancer is developed for the intelligent distribution of load among recipients in the network of a service provider. It helps to distribute the traffic of subscribers among several processing systems such as the caching server, DPI, IPS or the Law Enforcement system according to a certain criteria with provision of a backup speed of tens of gigabits per second. 

AntiNAT event logging system for address translations is created for the logging of the actions of NAT machines and for the saving of information on the dynamic allocation of IP addresses in a network of a service provider. High system performance allows collecting of information at a rate of up to 2 million events per second and storing data in a distributed backed up storage.

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