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ADM Filter

ADM Filter provides an opportunity for HTTP and HTTPs traffic filtering against "black" and "white" lists, as well as the filtering based on websites categories and the morphological analysis of traffic.

Partial WEB-sites and applications availability

ADM Filter allows regulating Internet access in the cases requiring partial WEB-sites and applications availability.

For example: parental control, corporate laboring rules enforcement, protection of company's network from compromised resources, preventing information leackage.

Filtration schemes

Filtering by "black" and "white" lists of websites makes it possible to adjust the personal list of prohibited or permitted websites with an accuracy of an URL for the subscribers - legal entities or individuals. For example, educational institutions have the opportunity to use a limited list of permitted educational resources and to prevent the access to websites not related to the educational process.

Traffic filtering according to the category database allows a more nuanced approach to the rendering of the access control service to subscribers. ADM Filter allows the specification of a list of categories that will be implemented for access restriction, and subscribers will get the access to the network in accordance with their profiles. For example, the categories of games, messaging services, WEB mail and social networks may be prohibited for office workers. Resources with indecent content, scenes of violence, as well as websites related to alcohol, drugs and tobacco may be prohibited for students.

The ADM Filter allows the checking of web pages for specific words or phrases by using the morphological analysis. Both the user request and response from the web server are checked. This allows the effective filtering of user requests to search engines and image search engines, as well as directly searching the websites that do not fall into the prohibited category according to the general criteria but contain content unsuitable for children. The check is performed on the entire web page received from the web server, including all existing meta tags. The filtering does not depend on the register of the received information.

System capabilities
Filtering by "black" and "white" lists
of websites
Traffic filtering according to the
category database
Morphological analysis of traffic
Drawing statistics and reports
on program work results